Kino+ bittet um Unterstützung für ES: Kapitel 2

Is there a scene in the book you absolutely wanted to have in the movie? Part one or two

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What 80’s Movie would you reinterpretate. Please say “Stand by me”.

Have you tried to create a different atmosphere than in the first movie?

Why is chapter one taking place in the 80s, although in the book its the 50s?

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Are you interested in shooting more books by Stephen King?

Did you have contact to Stephen KIng while shooting and had he an influence on the movie or on script?

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  • How did you decide the restructure of the movie (first part- childhood/second part- mix)?
  • What is your favorite form of Pennywise?
  • How was it to solve the problem of the difficult ending (of the book) in your movie? No spoilers please
  • How do you interpretate Penywise abilitys in your movies for yourself?

Bill Hader is known to be a funny person.
How was for you to work with a comedic actor in such a scary movie?

Which member of the Loser’s Club do you identify / sympathize with the most?

Were there any scenes from the book that you would’ve liked to include, but couldn’t?

What would It transform into if you saw It?

Besonders die zweite Frage würde mich sehr interessieren, wegen “dieser” Szene im Kanal und “dieser” Kühlschrank-Szene mit Patrick Hockstetter. Danke für die Teilnahmemöglichkeit!

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What was the hardest decision you had to made while producing Chapter 2?

What would you change, in retrospective, in Chapter 1?

Will there be a neat and deluxe double feature Blu-Ray Release?

Why do you believe clowns still remain so terrifying to us today- not only to our kids, but to us adults?

Was it difficult picking the actors for the main characters or did you already have someone specific in mind? (Like for example Jessica Chastain for the role of Beverly Marsh?)

Why did you change the appearance of Pennywise?

How would Pennywise appear to you?

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Pudding: with or without skin?


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Nur aus Interesse: Auf welche Veränderung genau bezieht sich deine Frage?

Wollte die Frage kurz halten aber sie bezieht sich auf das Design bzw das Aussehen, ich war bei Chap. 1 (positiv) überrascht das die Überarbeitung des Aussehens doch so extrem war im Vergleich zu Tim Curry’s Pennywise

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Will there be a Directors Cut?

Ah, verstehe. War jetzt nicht sicher obs in Chapter 2 irgendwelche gravierenden Änderungen gab, von denen ich noch nix weiß und dass du dich eventuell auf diese beziehst. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nene, aber so habe ich gar nicht dran gedacht dass es missverstanden werden kann. Man sollte die Frage doch etwas bearbeiten bevor sie im Keks verschwindet.

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Vielleicht noch ein “away from…“ hinten dranhängen und kurz konkretisieren. :thinking:

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Was hast du als letztes gesehen ? :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

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