Kino+ bittet um Unterstützung für ES: Kapitel 2

Were you proud to hear Stephen King liked your movies?

Did the child actor get to meet and exchange about their roles with their older selves on set?

Are there a lot of references to the first chapter of the movie?
Can I watch the second chapter without knowing the first?

Ich würde fragen, ob es nach ES eine weitere King Geschichte gibt, deren Umsetzung sie reizen würde?

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Übersetzung der o.g. Frage:
Is there any other Stephen King book you would like to make a movie from?

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After the success of Chapter 1, do you got more Freedom for your Vision of it in Chapter 2.
Sorry for my Bad englisch

What is for you the fascination of King‘s work?

Do you want to stay in the King universe for future projects?

“Was there a scene in the book you wanted to have in the movie but at first had no idea how to film it?” (Thinking about the Makroversum or Maturin)

“Looking at both films/chapters, which one you are more proud of?”

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